Remarketing made

Carmony is reimagining the automotive technology ecosystem with first of its kind blockchain solutions.


A connected marketplace for industry stakeholders






The right features to improve your workflow


Greater transparency and communications between consignor and industry partners.


Consign vehicles to a network where process stakeholders can communicate and share data seamlessly regardless of which systems they use for business process management.

Auctions and consignors orchestrate workflow through peer to peer networking.


Invite auctions, vendors, and 3rd party remarkers to collaborate and manage their work orders and payments.

Reduce back office overhead with automated work order assignments, SLA’s, and payments.


Smart contracts are preprogrammed agreements between stakeholders which create efficiencies in work order assignments and payments.

Consignment on a blockchain network provides a distributed ledger of transactions available for use in any industry system.


Currently there is fragmentation within the ecosystem that results in costly errors and latency in system updates. Tracking vehicle location, titles, work order and payment status updates has become a very costly human effort. Distributed ledger technology provides real-time data to keep participating systems in check with one another.

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Why Carmony

Carmony is using blockchain to connect industry stakeholders currently operating in a fragmented technology ecosystem. By integrating all functions of remarketing into a private decentralized network, stakeholders can work together to achieve maximum workflow efficiency and marketplace value.


Built on top of blockchain, we have taken advantage of distributed ledger technology and smart contracts to make all services and payments easier than ever to execute and track.


Carmony uses encryption and a modern signature algorithm that minimizes the possibility of fraud.


Carmony integrates with any third party software through a decentralized network to create a seamless process by giving permissioned visability over key data for all stakeholders. 


Direct communication and data sharing with process stakeholders, end-to-end visibility, workflow automation, and customizable smart contract SLA’s will give you more freedom and flexibilty by eliminating today’s frustrations.